The Bad Taste Bears Club

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About the Bad Taste Bears Club

The Bad Taste Bears Club isn’t about ursine misbehaviour, it's about people. It could be the common appreciation of legitimised naughtiness, but in the twenty-something years I've been drawing the naughty teddy bears, I realised that the Bad Taste Bears are the glue that binds a community and the Bad Taste Bears Club intends to keep that connection strong.

As we move into this new phase of existence with Nemesis Now, my closer involvement enables me to share snippets of information and sneak previews like never before.

The Bad Taste Bears Club is an active means of linking all aspects of the brand, from the guy who designs them, the Company that manufactures and distributes them, the retailers who stock them and finally, and most importantly, the people who find a place in their hearts and homes, without whom this whole phenomenon would not have happened.

Bad Taste Bears Club members benefit from:

  • ‘Meet the Artist’ events
  • Retailer-hosted Signings
  • Swap Meets and Social Gatherings
  • Newsletter
  • Competitions
  • Unique Prizes
  • Exclusive Product Information
  • Advance Previews
  • Free Membership

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